Sanam Patel

My recent page while making the short interview shoot at Hence Media Pvt. Ltd. HQ


I know the effort you put for reaching to this page, 😉 See my recent photo while making the short interview at my office!

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Short Intro :

22, Proudly Indian, Computer Engineer*, Web Designer & Developer, Entrepreneur, Internet Savage, WordPress Geek, Technology Enthusiast, Photographer, Blogger, Poet, Food Lover, Music Madness, Azad-007 & Founder of Hence Media Pvt. Ltd.

Here is my brief info :

Name : Sanam Patel

BOD : 7th June 1993 (That what she said)

Profession : Web Developer & Designer (Since 2009)

Other Names : The WebJockey, Processor

Education : Bachelor Of Engineering (Last year of Computer Engineering)

Language I can Speak : Gujarati (Mother tongue), Hindi, English

Language I can understand : Marathi, Marwadi, Sindhi

Programming Languages : C, C++, PHP, HTML & CSS,  Java

Upcoming Programming Languages : Python, Advanced Java, JavaScript, jQuery

Favorite Sports : Cricket, Swimming, High Jump, Long Jump

Interest : Computer, New Technology, and anything else which make me to think!

If anything is missed then ask me or Google it! 😉

Get In Touch With Me :

All social links where I’m active is down below, For quick reply feel the contact form at contact us page.

What to hire me?

Visit : Hence Media Pvt. Ltd.

4 Comments on “About Me”


    because u r so natural, u r blogs are so natural that makes me read all time.
    u r saying all what u feel.. thats the reason 🙂

  2. ishani

    Like so much! I think to its need some improvement.. n plsss change ur picture.. which is on right side of ur page… thnaksss.

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