2017 Year of Responsibilities

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Frankly, I just forgot to add year post. I’m writing this post in 2018 but will tweak the date in post for 31st 😛

As I write year summary every year on the blog here is the 2017 edition of the post. 2017 was one of the tough year for me. Cause after father, handling office as well as a home with extra social responsibilities are one of the heavy-duty work for me. I tried best still failing to prove me to 10% of what father was able to do alone. No problem still I’m learning from my father’s memories and life rules.

Due to these, I was not able to focus on work, home or personal life. But managed to start the new project which is one of the biggest projects of my life (more details will be shared shortly). But these time I put my all efforts to achieve what I’m dreaming of.

Some overview points of events occurred this year.

Family / Social Updates

  • My happiness guru passed away! (Granny) ;-(
  • Faced one major accident on 5th September, Dog hit my bike! (2 months bed rest).
  • Also had malaria level 2
  • Fixed the marriage date (2nd Feb 2018)
  • Shlok Turns “2

No Trips This Year

College Update

  • Received Engineering Degree

Office Changes

  • Couple of newcomers in staff (Still hiring)
  • Planning to move office to other locations by next year.
  • Started some new venture. (Details are coming soon)

Gadget Updates

  1. HTC 10 – 32 GB Gray
  2. Macbook Pro 13″ – 2017 Edition

Many new things learned, and responsibilities are given to me which made me stronger than last year. Still many miles to go in terms of learning.

So, What’s in my these year’s resolutions, cause last years all were the disaster.

New Resolutions

  • Be a responsible son as well as a husband!
  • Learn all new things as possible in new filed which I started!
  • Meditation & Exercise daily
  • and as always many more are in mind…

2016 : Most Happening Year

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Happy new year to all of you!

First of all don’t get me wrong with the title of this blog. honestly, this is one of the most happening year for me, this is the year when I lost my best superhero (my dad) and many more things which took place!

I was about to post last year story from quite a long time and it almost took me whole year to post dairy of 2015! Don’t get wrong with post’s publish date, cause published couple of days back before publishing this one! 😛 But this one will be publish on 1/1/2017 at 12:00 AM for sure.

First let me start with the my social updates

Family/Social Updates

  • Lost my dad on 12th November 2016! (One of the worst possible thing can be happened)
  • Mom go through with her operation!
  • Almost, got engaged! (Good thing, cause dad was there at that time)
  • Shlok turns “1

Travel Trips This Year (Best Year as this POV)

  • Diu, Somnath & Gir (No Photos uploaded anywhere), : April
  • Leh-Ladakh (Drem Tour), Shimla, Manali, Delhi, TajMahal : June
  • USA tour, Most waited tour & fist abroad tour with parents : September – November

Office Changes

  • Register new firm named “Nearby Retail Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Start new showroom with NH CleanTech (Project Failed, Lesson Learned!)
  • Couple of changes in Staff
  • Got some renovation done in office

College Updates (Last Update)

  • Finally became an engineer (The dedicated blog is coming up regarding this topic)
  • Got 8.00 SPI in last semester
  • Received AA Grade in final semester project

Gadget Updates

  • iPhone 7 128 GB Matt Black (While on US Trip)
  • OnePlus 3T 64GB Gun Metal Color (Indian Version)
  • SwissGear 1900 Backpack
  • New Cycle UT H2T

So this year was mix of all the good and bad things, but as in the end life goes on!

After all this let me define my new year’s resolution (not display one :P)

New Resolutions

  • Get Stronger, Cause now I have to handle the home! 🙁
  • Cycling and Exercise daily
  • Regular update this blog, this time seriously!
  • Remove some tense things & work from life!
  • and many more….

Dairy of 2015

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Happy new year to all of you!

as 2015 year is passed by us there are some memorable and some noticeable events happens which I gonna post in this last or first post of the new year 2016.

2015 was one of the great and learning year for me, as an every aspect of my life. Even though I do not like to leave office work for more days I gone for the many trips this year.

Travel Trips This Year

  • Adlabs Imagica, aquamagica, Lavasa & Lonavala in February
  • Kerala (The God’s own Country) Kochin, Mavelikara, Munnar
  • Manali Tracking (Dhana Kunu pass manali)

Office Changes

  • Goodbye to old staff
  • New staff is here
  • Expand to second office in same floor

College Updates

  • Passed 5th & 6th semester
  • Attended 7th semester exam in last month
  • Project of final year is “Genesis of E-formation in India”

Family/Social Updates

  • Neha di’s 45 days of vacation in India
  • Finally I’m became Uncle (Mamu ban gaya! :-P)
  • Mom says boy is ready for marrige! O.o

Gadget Updates

  • Sony SBH-54
  • Lenovo T-420
  • ASUS 66U Router
  • iPad Air 2

Hence Media Pvt. Ltd. First Anniversary

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16-01-2014 the day when we stepped out from residential address to commercial address. Before that Hence Media was operated in my personal room and I was only one employee at that time. This was a sort of one risk which was taken during the my college time, cause of detention in engineering. So decided to take 1 year of span period seriously and build something remarkable, And the new chapter begins. At start of this we begin with D Square tuition classes, now expended to the 2 offices. And expanded Hence Media to Hence Media Pvt. Ltd. (y)

In this first year we learn a lot like client handling, dealing with people and working as a team. In this first learning year we go though many ups and downs but in the end learned lot in this first year journey. We flight, built, earned, enjoyed and learned!

So, why not to celebrate the first year? Cause this was the big reason to party for our efforts. Party was held at Cyclone Disc, R3 The Mall, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. And here is the video of my success speech for which I was waiting for (This is my moment ^_^ )


Your comment and suggestion regarding this video is most welcomed just comment below!

Happy New Year 2015

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Bye Bye 2014! Welcome 2015. (I know I’m too late for this post :P)

2014 one of the best year for me, Learn a lot and gained a lot. Took some of life’s biggest risks and thank god all goes as expected. In ending of last year was not good for me as per education point of view cause got the detention in engineering for 1 year. But I was not going to stop there, and decided to take this as a positive way. And to use this 1 year of span period of time as one opportunity.

And that’s how Hence Media Pvt. Ltd. established, moved my existing company Hence Media to the commercial address in starting of the year with the joint venture of D Square tuition and then expanded to 2 new offices and decided to take one more step and registered the Hence Media as Hence Media Pvt. Ltd.. In this journey took 4 more friends with me.

Learning curve : As we know books knowledge is no more near to practical world, So taking this business to the commercial address was big challenge for me the all kinds of pressure was there like Education, Family and Success. Things like How to run an office, How to handle company, How to handle staff, How to deal with clients. And there were some bad experiences were also there. But in the end learned a lot.

College : After completing the 1 year of detention time to get back to college and this time a new class, a new classmates, & new is the environment. Dealing with this all was sort of big task. But get the some of best company there joined one awesome group of guys.

BTW brought the some of new gadgets on own money and also one vehicle. 😀

Almost year was golden period of my life in all filed just ignore some last time bad experience. And hope this new year will be awesome too.

Happy new year to all of you! (Will miss the last year :'( )

Winter 2014 Exam

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It’s almost too long I didn’t post anything on blog, I have to post 3 back to back update post for past 2 months updates.

Exams!!! Thank god this is time no more block exams were there so only regular subjects are there so done with it in 2 weeks. After first semester this is the first semester when I have only regular subjects. 😀 (Big reason to laugh)

And with the help my new classmate Nidhi Rathore (Motu master) got all imp questions which help for last day preparation. And again this exam’s traveler is Siddarth Barot (Detained buddy 😉 )

All exams were great as per expectations and preparation, There’s little to more hope that I’ll clear all subjects in 1 shot! 😀 After exam I was back to work!

Now let’s wait for result and my luck for GTU 😀

Work load & Submission

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After Diwali there’s tons of pending work was going on in the office, due to the new product available at our store. We were bust to handle those orders cause be frank we was never ready or scaled to handle that type of rapid order rate. Even need to settle staff and company to make to handle that growth. And also redesigning work of minineed.com was going on, do check new design and give me feedback!

In this period of time college was ready to make student busy, so they arrange the 2nd mid-semester examination for the all students. And students who failed in first one (like me) they have a another change to pass this one (again I failed to do that), after just recovering from that what we got is timetable of submission and final exam of GTU. Make a not of both of them and stick it to room’s pin-board, to look busy to mom! 😉

And in this period of time crush messaged me that she found the new boyfriend and I was like ;-( ;-( for take a rest from this we arrange small one day of trip to Baroda with Azad Group to make mood fresh between the mid-semester exams and submission. For submission all subject completed successfully with the help of new Group (Really thanks to them).

On 23rd there’s Shreya’s (Sister cum BFF) birthday so we are planning from past 1 week and try to study between this busy schedule but no luck! Best part is that my x-GF gave me her wedding invitation, I predict it when she call me. Have a great wedding life ahead to her. No problem I’ll be there at the dinner time. 😉

Right now with the these workload don’t get enough time to study, and even blogging I have to be consistent!

Wish me for exam cause I need more luck this time. 🙂

Hello, World Again!

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New is the year,

New is the resolutions,

New is the domain,

New is the blog and

New experiences to share! 😉

I’m back with new domain, which is in my wishlist from past 2 year, finally booked 5 days back. All previous blogs will be closed in near future. As always I’ll keep the Hello, World! post of default WordPress installation.

I was never too serious regarding the personal blogging cause, every time I start from scratch. So this time I’ll take the personal blogging little serious, and will get the time to update is regular basic, as people told me that I need this, seriously!

Your feedback and suggestions are most welcomed, regarding the new design of blog or anything else.

Explore the new blog cause this time some new things are revealed about me. 🙂

Have a happy holidays, and have a great year ahead!

Happy Diwali & Happy New Year

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Hello, Everyone!

Here is my first post of new blog, more details regarding to new blog is coming on next post. Right now first thing first!

Happy Diwali and Happy New Year to all of you, may god bless you and have a great year ahead.

For me new is the year and new resolutions are there, from this year we’re going to work with new name and new working methods, but this time with full of passion and much of experience included : “Hence Media Pvt. Ltd.

Till Tuesday 28th the mini vacation is declared in the office.

Happy holidays and happy festival season to all of you, Enjoy!