Work load & Submission

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After Diwali there’s tons of pending work was going on in the office, due to the new product available at our store. We were bust to handle those orders cause be frank we was never ready or scaled to handle that type of rapid order rate. Even need to settle staff and company to make to handle that growth. And also redesigning work of was going on, do check new design and give me feedback!

In this period of time college was ready to make student busy, so they arrange the 2nd mid-semester examination for the all students. And students who failed in first one (like me) they have a another change to pass this one (again I failed to do that), after just recovering from that what we got is timetable of submission and final exam of GTU. Make a not of both of them and stick it to room’s pin-board, to look busy to mom! 😉

And in this period of time crush messaged me that she found the new boyfriend and I was like ;-( ;-( for take a rest from this we arrange small one day of trip to Baroda with Azad Group to make mood fresh between the mid-semester exams and submission. For submission all subject completed successfully with the help of new Group (Really thanks to them).

On 23rd there’s Shreya’s (Sister cum BFF) birthday so we are planning from past 1 week and try to study between this busy schedule but no luck! Best part is that my x-GF gave me her wedding invitation, I predict it when she call me. Have a great wedding life ahead to her. No problem I’ll be there at the dinner time. 😉

Right now with the these workload don’t get enough time to study, and even blogging I have to be consistent!

Wish me for exam cause I need more luck this time. 🙂

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