Hence Media Pvt. Ltd. First Anniversary

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16-01-2014 the day when we stepped out from residential address to commercial address. Before that Hence Media was operated in my personal room and I was only one employee at that time. This was a sort of one risk which was taken during the my college time, cause of detention in engineering. So decided to take 1 year of span period seriously and build something remarkable, And the new chapter begins. At start of this we begin with D Square tuition classes, now expended to the 2 offices. And expanded Hence Media to Hence Media Pvt. Ltd. (y)

In this first year we learn a lot like client handling, dealing with people and working as a team. In this first learning year we go though many ups and downs but in the end learned lot in this first year journey. We flight, built, earned, enjoyed and learned!

So, why not to celebrate the first year? Cause this was the big reason to party for our efforts. Party was held at Cyclone Disc, R3 The Mall, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. And here is the video of my success speech for which I was waiting for (This is my moment ^_^ )


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