Happy New Year 2015

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Bye Bye 2014! Welcome 2015. (I know I’m too late for this post :P)

2014 one of the best year for me, Learn a lot and gained a lot. Took some of life’s biggest risks and thank god all goes as expected. In ending of last year was not good for me as per education point of view cause got the detention in engineering for 1 year. But I was not going to stop there, and decided to take this as a positive way. And to use this 1 year of span period of time as one opportunity.

And that’s how Hence Media Pvt. Ltd. established, moved my existing company Hence Media to the commercial address in starting of the year with the joint venture of D Square tuition and then expanded to 2 new offices and decided to take one more step and registered the Hence Media as Hence Media Pvt. Ltd.. In this journey took 4 more friends with me.

Learning curve : As we know books knowledge is no more near to practical world, So taking this business to the commercial address was big challenge for me the all kinds of pressure was there like Education, Family and Success. Things like How to run an office, How to handle company, How to handle staff, How to deal with clients. And there were some bad experiences were also there. But in the end learned a lot.

College : After completing the 1 year of detention time to get back to college and this time a new class, a new classmates, & new is the environment. Dealing with this all was sort of big task. But get the some of best company there joined one awesome group of guys.

BTW brought the some of new gadgets on own money and also one vehicle. 😀

Almost year was golden period of my life in all filed just ignore some last time bad experience. And hope this new year will be awesome too.

Happy new year to all of you! (Will miss the last year :'( )

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