2017 Year of Responsibilities

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Frankly, I just forgot to add year post. I’m writing this post in 2018 but will tweak the date in post for 31st 😛 As I write year summary every year on the blog here is the 2017 edition of the post. 2017 was one of the tough year for me. Cause after father, handling office as well as a … Read More

2016 : Most Happening Year

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Happy new year to all of you! First of all don’t get me wrong with the title of this blog. honestly, this is one of the most happening year for me, this is the year when I lost my best superhero (my dad) and many more things which took place! I was about to post last year story from quite a long … Read More

Dairy of 2015

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Happy new year to all of you! as 2015 year is passed by us there are some memorable and some noticeable events happens which I gonna post in this last or first post of the new year 2016. 2015 was one of the great and learning year for me, as an every aspect of my life. Even though I do … Read More

Hence Media Pvt. Ltd. First Anniversary

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16-01-2014 the day when we stepped out from residential address to commercial address. Before that Hence Media was operated in my personal room and I was only one employee at that time. This was a sort of one risk which was taken during the my college time, cause of detention in engineering. So decided to take 1 year of span period seriously … Read More

Happy New Year 2015

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Bye Bye 2014! Welcome 2015. (I know I’m too late for this post :P) 2014 one of the best year for me, Learn a lot and gained a lot. Took some of life’s biggest risks and thank god all goes as expected. In ending of last year was not good for me as per education point of view cause got the … Read More

Winter 2014 Exam

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It’s almost too long I didn’t post anything on blog, I have to post 3 back to back update post for past 2 months updates. Exams!!! Thank god this is time no more block exams were there so only regular subjects are there so done with it in 2 weeks. After first semester this is the first semester when I have … Read More

Work load & Submission

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After Diwali there’s tons of pending work was going on in the office, due to the new product available at our store. We were bust to handle those orders cause be frank we was never ready or scaled to handle that type of rapid order rate. Even need to settle staff and company to make to handle that growth. And … Read More

Hello, World Again!

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New is the year, New is the resolutions, New is the domain, New is the blog and New experiences to share! 😉 I’m back with new domain, which is in my wishlist from past 2 year, finally booked 5 days back. All previous blogs will be closed in near future. As always I’ll keep the Hello, World! post of default … Read More

Happy Diwali & Happy New Year

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Hello, Everyone! Here is my first post of new blog, more details regarding to new blog is coming on next post. Right now first thing first! Happy Diwali and Happy New Year to all of you, may god bless you and have a great year ahead. For me new is the year and new resolutions are there, from this year … Read More