2017 Year of Responsibilities

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Frankly, I just forgot to add year post. I’m writing this post in 2018 but will tweak the date in post for 31st 😛

As I write year summary every year on the blog here is the 2017 edition of the post. 2017 was one of the tough year for me. Cause after father, handling office as well as a home with extra social responsibilities are one of the heavy-duty work for me. I tried best still failing to prove me to 10% of what father was able to do alone. No problem still I’m learning from my father’s memories and life rules.

Due to these, I was not able to focus on work, home or personal life. But managed to start the new project which is one of the biggest projects of my life (more details will be shared shortly). But these time I put my all efforts to achieve what I’m dreaming of.

Some overview points of events occurred this year.

Family / Social Updates

  • My happiness guru passed away! (Granny) ;-(
  • Faced one major accident on 5th September, Dog hit my bike! (2 months bed rest).
  • Also had malaria level 2
  • Fixed the marriage date (2nd Feb 2018)
  • Shlok Turns “2

No Trips This Year

College Update

  • Received Engineering Degree

Office Changes

  • Couple of newcomers in staff (Still hiring)
  • Planning to move office to other locations by next year.
  • Started some new venture. (Details are coming soon)

Gadget Updates

  1. HTC 10 – 32 GB Gray
  2. Macbook Pro 13″ – 2017 Edition

Many new things learned, and responsibilities are given to me which made me stronger than last year. Still many miles to go in terms of learning.

So, What’s in my these year’s resolutions, cause last years all were the disaster.

New Resolutions

  • Be a responsible son as well as a husband!
  • Learn all new things as possible in new filed which I started!
  • Meditation & Exercise daily
  • and as always many more are in mind…

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  1. Ishani

    So i always have to read here what is happening in ur life bcz ur too busy and now going to marry too.. soooo congratulationsss that u get trisha as ur wife and be a responsible son and husband don’t forget that u’ll always be my chanam see u at ur wedding bowy

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